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Architectural Stone by Lucasso

Our carvings our designed with the fearless individuality necessary for them to reflect our own artistry, as well as our client's modern day taste.

Stone carving has a distinguished past that we have studied in nearly every corner of the world in order to produce the best possible craftsmanship and quality.

Approximately 400 years ago Michelangelo climbed up the Carrara Mountain Range and into the Statuario quarry to carefully select the 17 foot tall block of white marble that he formed into his master piece; the David. Today, following in the tradition of past master sculptures, we carefully select blocks of Statuario Marble from the same quarry, as well as blocks from other notable quarries of Limestone, Marble, Travertine, and Granite around the world. They are then hand carved with pride by our artisans.

Time and again we have successfully carved pieces for clients whom have returned with pictures of something they saw abroad which they would like to incorporate into the design of their home. If we have a picture of it we can carve it.

Bathtubs & Sinks


Architectural Stone / Bathtubs & Sinks

Amalfi Bath
Imperial Carrara

Amalfi Bath

Travertine Oval

Travertine Oval

Amalfi Bath

Artemis Bath



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Architectural Stone / Columns

Tappered Tuscan Columns in Alexandria Limestone

Limestone Columns

AlexandriaTapered Corinthian Column

Minimalist Columns, Alexandria Limestone

Tappered Tuscan Column w/ custom wall wrap & arch, Alexandria Limestone

Tuscan Seemless Columns, Marbella Marble

Tuscan Seemless Columns, Marbella Marble



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Architectural Stone / Fireplaces

Viceroy, Alexandria Antiqued Limestone

Firenze w/ Overmantel, Alexandria Antiqued Limestone

St. Mark's, Alexandria Limestone

Moon Project fireplace & Trumeaux, Alexandria Limestone

Moon Master bedroom fireplace, Alexandria Limestone

MJ Berries Design Custom Living
Room Mantel

MJ Berries Design Custom Master
Suite Mantel

Louis XV, Alexandria Limestone

Navarre, Auvergne Limestone

Laurent w/ Trumeaux in Medium Travertine

Guadi, Alexandria Antiqued Limestone

Novella, Alexandria Limestone

Firenze, Alexandria Limestone Antiqued

Classic, Riviera Beige Limestone

Firenze Mantel, Medium Travertine

Firenze w/ Overmantel, Alexandria Antiqued Limestone

Hawthorne, Medium Travertine

Laurent 72, Alexandria Limestone Antiqued

Laurent 78, Imperial Statuary Marble

Palladio, Alexandria Limestone

San Polo, Alexandria Limestone

Laurent w/ Trumeaux, Medium Travertine

Village w/ Trumeaux, Light Travertine

Village, Medium Travertine

Laurent 78 Mantel hand carved from Imperial Statuary

Firenze Mantel hand carved from Alexandria Limestone

Vasari, Alexandria Limestone

Vasari Antiqued, Alexandria Limestone - Side Profile

Grand Kensington, Alexandria Limestone

Bernini, Alexandria Limestone





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